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I wish to go whale watching!

Fifteen year old Kianne from Jersey is fighting a brain tumour.

In 2014, Kianne began vomiting and having migraines. When seeking medical advice she was then diagnosed with a brain tumour. She also had a cyst on top of the tumour so she had to have an emergency operation straight away otherwise she would have died. The condition's brought on several other problems for Kianne including a form of diabetes and sleep apnoea, she also suffered a traumatic stroke which had a long and tough recovery time.

Kianne finds school difficult, often struggling to concentrate for long periods of time. She sometimes falls asleep in class which can be unsettling when she wakes and isn't sure what is going on around her. Kianne has a support worker with her during lessons who helps to keep her focused.  

Kianne has a passion for animals and loves anything to do with the sea. When she turned to us, her One True Wish was to go whale watching in Madeira with her Mum, Dad and younger sister. Madeira is a great place to spot whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, something which Kianne has always wished to do. 

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watch the BBC Jersey interview with Kianne and her mum, Jane

Accommodation £1,020; Transport £3,750; Meals £100; Tours/tickets £250; Expenses £160; Total £5,280;

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