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Ethan at the Glasgow Police Museum
Irvine, Ayrshire
I wish to be an American police officer for the day

Ethan's wish amount has been fully fundraised thanks to our kind supporters! He will be going on his wish in December and we will update his supporters to let you know how his wish went soon after. To donate to wishes like Ethan's click here. 

Ethan, aged 6, is living with non-correctable and palliated congenital heart defects. The condition can require surgery and the symptoms include rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating and extreme tiredness. Ethan is often breathless and he is unable to walk long distances.

Ethan knew straight away what he wanted to wish for, to be an American police officer for the day and ride a cop car!  He showed us his teddy dressed as an American Cop and an array of collectable police cars from all over the world, which he loves.

When asking Ethan where his favourite place is, he said the ‘Police Museum’ in Glasgow. 

Wishgranter Dan has arranged for a re-enactment of a police chase to take place on his wish, as well as having NYPD cars and the local police force in Sheffield, where the wish is taking place.

Ethan has also asked for his older brother, Calum, to be in the car with him, to which Calum shrieked with joy!

When asked what he loves so much about police cars he said it was the noise that the siren made and how fast it goes.

Ethan and his family are really looking forward to some family time and to see Ethan in his element.

His mum said that Ethan would be “the happiest little boy getting this wish.”

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