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beau with a dinosaur outside

Whenever 5 year old Beau’s temperature is high, he must be taken to the hospital immediately. 

He’s been living with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, a type of cancer, for over three years. It’s been a very stressful time for his family – as they never know when Beau must next be rushed to see a doctor.

Beau’s been incredibly brave throughout his treatment. He’s been on steroids and endured intensive chemotherapy.

When Beau turned to us we knew we had to grant him the most magical wish possible. And what did he want? To walk with dinosaurs! It was the obvious choice for Beau, who’s been obsessed with dinosaurs his whole life. He’s full of facts about them and is always watching dinosaur videos on YouTube.

In the words of dad Ross, Beau thought “if Jurassic Park can do it, Make-A-Wish must be able to do it.” And he wasn’t wrong!

Beau beamed as a limo pulled up to take him to his dinosaur treasure hunt. He felt like a celebrity – smiling and waving with his family as they drove through the streets of London.

And then it was time to meet the dinosaurs! First up, Beau met Tricey the Triceratops – she was a little shy but very playful.  But Beau’s favourite dino had to be Tyrone the T-rex – he even got to feed him. Beau had a great time playing with the dinosaurs; his dad had never seen such a big smile on his face.

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Beau’s dad thinks the impact of the wish will stay with Beau forever. “He really surprised us. He used to be shy, but on the wish he came out of his shell - we hope this is now the future for Beau. ”

The wish has given him the confidence to keep on dreaming and do what he wants to do, get better and have fun with life.

Ross said: “The impact of a wish is to get rid of some of the bad memories and create new happy memories. You’ve given Beau the confidence to keep on dreaming, do what he wants to do and have fun with life. As a family we would never have been able to organise something like this – we will never forget it.”


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