Willow's story

Your monthly donation could give a child like Willow the chance to forget their worries for a while and get lost in music.

Willow’s first seizure happened when she was just four months old. From that moment, life for her and her family changed completely. She now has multiple seizures every day, including ‘drop’ seizures, where she falls to the floor with no warning. She wears a helmet to protect her head and face from the falls, but she’s been unable to protect her confidence and her lost independence.

As she doesn’t talk, music helps Willow to come alive as she sings, dances and gets lost in the melodies. Her family took her to a local festival and although she loved aspects of it, the crowds and difficult access made it hard work and too full on for her. So Willow’s Mum Viv turned to Make-A-Wish UK to create an accessible festival experience for Willow and her friends.

Make-A-Wish UK enlisted the help of volunteers and members of the public to help grant Willow’s wish and the response was incredible! Performers, bands, and individuals all offered their help to create one of Make-A-Wish UK’s biggest wishes to date.

Willow’s musical delight is just one example of the experiences you help us conjure up thanks to your monthly gift. Whether it's being a vet, walking with dinosaurs, going on an amazing holiday, meeting a celebrity hero, or having a bedroom makeover, every wish is different – but always personal and life-changing.

Together, we can help more children like Willow experience the magic of a wish. Become a wishgranter today.

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