#FlashbackFriday - looking back at wishes

We love looking back at the wishes we've granted over the years, so this #FlashbackFriday we're looking back to some wishes granted in 2017.

Sebbie's One True Wish


Sebbie and his family on the ship together

Sebbie with his family on his wish

Four-year-old Sebbie was diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis, a cancer-like condition, in 2015. 

Sebbie loves pirates, so when he turned to us, he wished to have a pirate party on a pirate ship! 

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"It’s been nice to have something to look forward to and something that’s different and takes us out of the normal routine of medication, scans, and everything else we have to do."

Kristina, Sebbie's mum

Arjun's One True Wish


Arjun and a member of Virgin trains staff

Arjun and a member of Virgin trains staff

Arjun has a rare type of skin cancer, and also autism. Arjun's One True Wish was to be a Virgin train driver. He always took the train to his hospital appointments - and always asked if he could be the driver! So his Wishgranter got to work on granting his wish back in 2017.

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"They allowed a four-year-old to have freedom in this million pound centre! He really felt at home there"

Sumathy, Arjun's mum

Casey's One True Wish


Casey is living with SWAN, syndrome without a name - an diagnosed genetic condition. After seeing the therapeutic benefits a spa pool had on Casey when she was in hospital recovering from a severe case of flu - her parents knew that owning her very own spa pool would be Casey's wish. So in July 2017, her wish was made a reality!

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"Casey has been in the hot tub nearly every day and it is already improving her tight muscles and as you can see from the smile on her face she absolutely loves it – we cannot thank you enough"

Ellie, Casey's mum

George's One True Wish


Georeg hugging his mum

George hugging his mum on his wish

When George was born, he was diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome, a genetic condition that causes developmental delay, deafness, sight defects and autism, as well as other symptoms.

George loves the children's TV channel CBeebies - so his One True Wish was to take a trip to the factory where the CBeebies magazines are made! 

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