Isabella's stolen Christmas

Isabella has always loved Christmas. Everything from the sparkly Christmas lights to the image of Santa and his sleigh fills her with joy. 

But life is hard for Isabella. She has muscular dystrophy and muscle eye brain disease. 

Isabella’s illness means there’s very little she can do for herself. She needs constant support. Her physical disabilities mean she can’t walk well or climb stairs on her own. Many of the joys of childhood – like running through the park or playing a game of tag – simply aren’t possible for her.  

Isabella’s learning difficulties also mean she can’t read or write. So the magic of discovering stories under the covers, or writing a letter to a best friend – the childhood joys that so many children treasure, especially at Christmas time – are all too often lost on her. 

“Life is so hard for Isabella. Above all, I just feel she deserves a little magic.”

Laura, Isabella's mum

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