Fundraising tips

Level up your fundraising!

Get set up

Set up your fundraising page and promote it wherever you can. Don’t forget to link it to your stream!

Get started

Use our overlays & resources

From social badges and overlays, to videos to play show your viewers, our resources are a great way to link your viewers to the cause.

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Mix it up

Keep your viewers entertained playing unusual games. Why not check out what’s on Humble Bundle.

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Set a fundraising target

Decide on an achievable target to works towards with your fundraising.

Challenge yourself

Set challenges for fundraising milestones. E.g. say you’ll play in fancy dress, eat something you don’t like or play blindfolded when your fundraising reaches a certain level. Get creative - just keep it safe!

Involve your supporters

Let your viewers choose the game / level / avatar when they donate a certain amount.

Keep it safe

Make sure you step away from your screens and take regular breaks when you’re streaming. We don’t recommend or endorse any unreasonably long gaming marathons.