Ellie-Mae's stolen Christmas

Four-year-old Ellie-Mae would love nothing more than to meet the real Santa, but she doesn’t have the life of many other four-year-olds; she can’t walk long distances, can only take part in PE if she’s physically strong enough and she carries oxygen around with her all the time.

Ellie-Mae lying under a blanket in her hospital bed, with breathing apparatus on.

Ellie-Mae has a very rare and undiagnosed airway disease, which greatly affects her breathing. Her windpipe and lungs are tiny and she has fluid on her lungs, so she's on oxygen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ellie was born four weeks premature and when she was just six weeks old she caught whooping cough. She was very poorly and one day at home, she stopped breathing and her Dad, Paul, had to give her CPR to keep her alive.

Now if Ellie gets an infection, or even a cold, she could be admitted to hospital and she’s in and out of hospital all year round.

Despite this, mum, Sarah describes Ellie as...

“A pocket rocket and always on the go. She’s a mischievous and happy little girl who loves school and loves lip balm!”

She's very close to her two older sisters, Holly, 5 and Libby, 8 and they do everything together.

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