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You can make magical wishes come true this summer

This summer Make-A-Wish UK is planning an incredible, fully inclusive event, granting 168 wishes for children living with critical conditions. The items on this list are essential to bring this magical wish to life! We need lots of goodies to make the event as fantastic as possible and we need your help!

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Our Amazon Wish List

Please see our Amazon Wish List where you can purchase all sorts of goodies for our wish children! Your gifts will be sent to a wish child in the weeks leading up to their wish to build excitement ahead of their magical day!

All you need to do is add the items you’d like to purchase to your basket, and at the check-out, be sure to select our Make-A-Wish UK delivery address. Please see our step-by-step guide below to help you. Once your items arrive at our hub, our Wishgranting Team will send them out, spreading the magic and joy that your kindness brings.

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How to buy from our Amazon Wish List

Step 1.

Choose one or more item from the list and click 'Add to Basket'


Step 2.

When you're happy with the items you've selected, click 'Proceed to Checkout'.


Step 3. 

You'll now be in the checkout screen, which asks you to select a delivery address. Please choose the option marked 'Amazon Wish List's Gift Registry Address' and then click on the 'Use this address' button.


Step 4.

Don’t worry about getting your donation gift wrapped as our lovely team of Wishgranters will do this before sending out to each wish child. Once you're ready to proceed, click 'Save gift options and continue'.


Step 5.

Now all that's left is to choose your payment method and finish checking out, as you would with any other Amazon purchase.

Let us know your gift is on its way

We aren’t notified when you buy something from our Amazon Wish List, so please share your details to let us know what you’ve purchased!

Get in touch

Thank you so much for wanting to help our wish children and their families!
If you have any queries about our wish list, or how to purchase an item from the list, please contact us. For any issues with your Amazon account, please contact Amazon directly.

Other ways you can help

Give a gift in kind

Donate a service or skill that will help us grant life-changing wishes to more children.

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Give as you shop

Did you know you can help grant life-changing wishes at no extra cost to you when you shop online.

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Wish+Win Lottery

Play our weekly lottery for a chance to win up to £20,000 whilst granting wishes to critically ill children.

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