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Family Life: 8 top tips for travelling with children

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Travelling with children can seem like a daunting task. But don't worry – we’ve put together 8 helpful tips to make travelling as stress (and mess!) free as possible.

Whether you’re having a staycation or jetting off abroad, these will make your trip fun for everyone.

Family Life photo: father and son on beach, backs to camera

1. Towels? Tick. Shampoo? Tick.

Making lists is the best way to make sure you’ve packed everything you need for yourself and your children. There are so many lists available, and we’ve tracked down some to suit all ages.

2. Fun ways for the kids to pack

Why not let your children pack their own cases? We’ve found a great fun and printable list of things for kids to pack their own cases  check it out here!

3. Pack like a pro

We’ve spotted this great video by Heathrow airport which gives amazing advice on packing your suitcase – and fitting loads in. And with kids in tow, you'll need as much space as possible!

Check out their useful video…and don’t forget to roll your socks!

4. Emergency Identification Bands

Airports, service stations, beaches, and tourist attractions are always super busy. Keep your mind at ease by purchasing a KoolioBandz identification band for your children. Find out more here.

5. Keep the kids entertained

Looking down at portable game consoles can sometimes result in travel sickness, so having traditional games at hand can save a lot of potential mess! And what’s more, they don’t have to be expensive.

Check out these ideas we’ve seen from the AA.

Family Life photo: family in car

6. Travelling by plane?

We've found this great article at that has loads of ideas on games for children of all ages.

7. Travelling by car?

Make sure your car is ready!

Whether you’re having a staycation in a beautiful British holiday spot, or driving to your holiday abroad, we’ve found this handy article for families travelling by car. It's packed full of helpful tips, from pit-stops to packing your car's survival kit!

8. Don’t forget your camera!

No matter where you’re going, or what you’re doing, remember – you’re on holiday.

You may have forgotten to pack your shampoo, or the games to combat boredom in the car didn’t go down quite as well as you’d hoped – but you’re there! So get that camera out and start capturing all those magical memories!

Family Life photo: child walking into sea with dad