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Back to school tips!

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After six (or maybe more!) weeks of summer holidays, it’s almost time to go back to school! Whether your little one is getting ready for their very first day at school, or you’ve got teens going back for their final year of exams, getting ready to go back can be hectic!

To make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible on the big day, here’s a little checklist of things you might want to keep in mind…

'back to school' written in scrabble letters

Whose jumper is this?

When school jumpers are used as goal posts on a lunch break, shoes are swapped from trainers during PE or ties are taken off on the walk home – school uniform is an easy thing to lose!

With hundreds of children all wearing the same uniform, it’s a good idea to write your child’s names on the tags of each school item – including shoes – you’d be surprised!

That way your child won’t come home accidently wearing a school jumper two sizes too small on the second day of term after leaving it on a pile of identical jumpers in the playground. (Another tip is to write names in pencil cases and notebooks too, unicorns are very popular at the moment!)

The dreaded alarm clock

Going back to school usually means having to wake up earlier again for everyone involved. We know, no one is a fan of early mornings but that doesn’t mean getting your child out of bed on the first day of school has to be a nightmare.

As much as they like staying up late, make sure you ease them into the new routine at least a few days before school starts. That way they have enough time to get used to the new rhythm and hopefully won’t complain too much when the alarm goes off at 6:30am.

alarm clock on bed in black and white

Homework & Study Habits

After six weeks of playing outside, watching films, holidaying and chilling out, homework may come as a bit of a shock on the first day of term. Together with your child, agree on a schedule that everyone can stick to. This is also a good way to encourage responsibility for their own homework and time.

Tool up

The last thing you want is for your child to go back to school unprepared! So make sure they have everything they need for a good first day. Let them choose their own supplies to get them excited, from fluffy pencil cases to unicorn notepads, stationary can be lots of fun.

And don’t forget to make a list beforehand. After all, the list of supplies they need on the first day of school can be endless – don’t forget the protractor!

coloured pencils in a circle

Get to know the teachers

Your children’s new teacher will play a very big and influential role for the foreseeable future, so if you can, try to get to know them before classes pick up again. If that’s not possible, try looking them up on the school’s website or talk to parents who might know them.