Steam train surprise for Archie

PRArchie Waterton


When Archie’s Mum Louise was five months pregnant she was told her baby had Pulmonary Atresia with VSD – a congenital heart disease. Now three, Archie is obsessed with steam trains – so Make-A-Wish sent him on a very special day out...


Archie, who had endured two emergency operations by the time he was 22 months old, now goes to the hospital for an echocardiogram every three months and sees a paediatrician every six months. He is also on the waiting list to have open heart surgery, which will hopefully go ahead soon. His Mum, Louise, said: “It’s a waiting game, I wish I could see into the future. His wish gave us something to look forward to – it was lovely to see his face and it gave us some real quality time together.”



On the morning of his wish Archie, from Dorking, arrived at the local Watercress Line, where he was shown around the train shed and the signal box. He was then given the very important task of blowing the whistle and shovelling the coal in the train cabin. After stepping down from his train driver duties he took his seat as a passenger for his first-ever steam train ride. Archie loved his wish so much so that he still wears his train driver badge every day and has said he wants to be a train engineer when he’s older!




Louise went on to say: “Archie was so overwhelmed and lost for words during his wish – everyone knew his name! Make-A-Wish really made him feel like a celebrity.”



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