Lucy “sings like an angel”!



Eight year old Lucy wished to make a music video and sing the Adele song Someone Like You.


Lucy, described by her Mum as “quite a serious child”, was diagnosed with a brain tumour (on her birthday!) after experiencing headaches at school. Her parents thought she was straining her eyes reading and suspected she needed glasses, but during her eye test an abnormality was noticed and she was referred for an MRI scan.


The same day the news came through that Lucy had a brain tumour, she was taken into surgery, as it was necessary to relieve the pressure on her brain. Three days later, she had major surgery to remove a tumour the size of a lemon.


Before the surgery, Lucy’s family were pre-warned that she might not speak or move for up to three months; however, in the event she started giggling after about 12 days. Her Dad, Mark, said: “You can’t believe how much joy it was to hear her giggle.” 


He went on: “Watching Lucy in the recording studio was emotional; it was a joy to hear her. It was an overwhelming experience. She looks so well and she sings like an angel – we understand how lucky we are. Make-A-Wish certainly made a dream come true, not just for Lucy but for all of us. We really enjoyed the wish.”

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