'Casualty' star makes Jennifer’s wish a reality

PRJennifer Harkness


Cancer sufferer Jennifer, 17, was diagnosed five years ago. When she found out that we were granting her wish to meet her idol, Casualty star Alex Walkinshaw, she jumped around screaming!


Watch a video of Jennifer’s big day, and check out our YouTube channel while you’re there....


Jennifer, who is from Aldershot, started experiencing painful stomach aches at the age of 12. Her Mum took her to see their GP who did a blood test and discovered she had Neuroblastoma, a tumour which develops from nerve tissue. She was immediately taken to The Royal Marsden Hospital, where she endured chemotherapy for a year, followed by radiotherapy and immunotherapy. She also had surgery to remove one of her kidneys and is now on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for the rest of her life. Jennifer missed a lot of school during her treatment but is now in remission and starting to lead a normal life.


Actor Alex Walkinshaw was waiting to meet Jennifer when she arrived on the set of Casualty; she was so excited she dropped a cup of water over herself! Jennifer spent the day watching Alex’s scenes, having lunch with him and seeing how the programme is put together. She even got a small walk-on part – but she said her highlight was when Alex hugged her!


After meeting him she said: “This is my absolute dream, it has been the best day of my life…I’ve really enjoyed it.”


Alex said: “Meeting Jenny today has been absolutely fantastic. She’s a very brave girl and she’s been a joy to show around.”



Click here to see a video of Jennifer’s big day, and check out our YouTube channel while you’re there...

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