Shop for Wishes on Amazon


  Now you can help us grant more magical wishes every time you buy from! It's as easy as this:


1. In the box below, just click on the dropdown menu to the right of the 'All Products' box

2. Either select a product category from that list, or type in the product you're searching for in the 'Keywords' box

3. Click 'Go'...


...and you'll be directed to the Amazon website. Every time you buy, we will receive a donation. Whether you make a purchase or not, you can return to this page just by clicking the Back arrow at the top of the screen. Or just copy and paste this URL into your browser: Thank you!


NB you won't be able to use this box if you're already signed in to your own Amazon account. Just go to the Amazon UK website, sign out of your account and reaccess this page in order to be able to search for your desired product(s).